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Hof (farm)

Embedded between chestnut groves and vineyards the farm is your special destination, if you want to enjoy the delights of Brixen and its surroundings throughout the seasons. Easy to reach and still a tranquil spot with an amazing view.


You are always welcome here.

There is so much to tell about us and our farm. Like every farm, ours has many stories to recount. You do not need to wait until autumn or spring for it to become colourful. Tranquillity and the simple but familiar environment await you every day when you come for a visit. Be it for a few days or just for one evening.

Gummerer Hof - Hauptstrasse 2 - 39042 Pinzagen (BZ) Italy   |   +39 0472 835 553   |

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Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
<< Buschenschank

Two “Törggele-Stuben” and lounge. Wheelchair accessible and barrier free. A large car park just outside the door. Kitchen for personal use in the off-season (for our guest staying at our farm)

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg

Enjoy “Törggelen“ outside in early autumn and spring
“Wine & Speck-lounge” in the off-season, at the end
of your day.

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
< Wine cellar

Careful, there is no garage down here. No, something far better – here we produce our liquid gold. New, modern and always “rock-solid”: an important enrichment.

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
Vacation rooms

3 double rooms with balcony. Top floor, best view. Including everything you need and the rest is easily found on the farm. Bonus: The best view!

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
<< Outbuildings

Storage room in the upper floor with a garage for the agricultural fleet. There are only two Jesus statues like this in the whole of South Tyrol. Carved from a tree in 1932 and later struck by lightning, it has always been part of the farm.

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
^Production room

Production and idea room of Gummerer Philipp.
“Enter at your own risk”

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
Leon ^

Our farm and guard dog. Your welcoming committee and playmate.

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
Host flats >>

These are our living quarters. You will find Philipp downstairs and Christina upstairs.

Gummerer Hof - Speck.jpg
<< Barn

Hay store on the upper floor. Stable with cows, horses, donkeys and pigs underneath. Smoking chamber and ripening chamber for “Speck” (hidden) out back. Our own spring water from the old air-raid protection tunnel.

Hof im Überblick
cantina speck 6-.jpg
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

“What the farmer does not know, he does not eat. If the townsman knew what he eats, he would immediately become a farmer.” Most of what we serve is produced here on our farm or is carefully chosen and delivered from the region.

Family or hosts?

It’s simple: Both. Familial ambience, the best quality of the Gummerer farm.
What’s there to say about us? A lot. You can read about our history here. But if you’re more interested in what wine you’ll get to drink with us, maybe this page is more to your liking.

Gummerer Hof Blaterle Philipp und Christ
Gummerer Hof Geschichte.jpg
Our history

Our history goes back quite a bit. We’ll digress a little and start at the beginning. It’s the year 1899 – long ago, wouldn’t you say? Well, one would think so.

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