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Our long

The Gummerer farm, named after today’s owners (us), the Gummerers, was known as “Weingartnerhof” before 1899, named by the owner at the time, Josef Gisser.  Known by the locals as the “Krughof”.

Every farm has its own stories, every building, every component. We invite you to join us on a short journey through our history.


The history


The farm has existed since the 17th century and was bought on 1 May 1899 by Matthias Gummerer, then a tenant farmer in Barbian. The previous owner was Josef Gisser, master tailor and owner of the vineyard in Pinzagen. The purchase consisted of a residential house, farm building, yard space and surrounding land.


Our family business, the Gummerer Hof (German for farm) has been in family management for four generations.

1918 great-grandfather Matthias Gummerer bought the farm from the local tailor. With a lot of love and enthusiasm Mr. and Mrs. Gummerer (née Rabensteiner from Villanders) managed the family business with their five children Sepp, Luis, Friedl, Anton and Maria. Amidst breath-taking nature they dedicated themselves to the daily tasks of running a dairy farm. Even back then, guests were very welcome.

It quickly became clear that Anton was a born farmer. Together with his wife Emma (née Weger from Pinzagen) and their seven children Erika, Maria, Emmi, Sepp, Georg, Edith and Christine they managed the farm with passion.

In December 1979 the family suffered a heavy stroke of fate. , Grandfather Anton died, shortly followed by his son, Uncle Georg. This is how Sepp, who by this time was a passionate cook, returned to his parental farm. Sepp, who did not wish to give up his calling as a cook, started to build up a Törggele-business and winery, with his wife Christina (née Pezzei). Together with their three children Philipp, Florian and Maximilian they managed the farm with heart and soul.

After father Sepp died suddenly in 2016, Philipp took over the parental farm with Törggele-business and winery – supported by his mother Christina and his two brothers.

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